Kristen and Matthew Campbell
The early years
Kristen and Matthew met through their dorm (Brownstone Selective Living Group) and through CRU Christian Fellowship while in college at Duke University. Matthew was a little slow on the uptake and didn't manage to ask Kristen out until after he graduated and was in the process of moving west to Stanford University for graduate school. Fortunately, however, Kristen didn't mind. They dated long distance for one year while Kristen was finishing up at Duke and got engaged in December of Dating Year Number Two while Kristen was working as an actuary in Connecticut. After two long years of dating long distance, Kristen was able to transfer her job to the San Francisco Bay Area and they got married on their lucky day: Friday the thirteenth of August, 2010!
Graduate school
Shortly after getting married, Kristen and Matthew joined a Bible Study group that launched from their congregation, Menlo Church in San Mateo. Matthew and Kristen are thankful for all the encouraging words and edifying challenges that have come as a result of this circle of friends. They have also had the privilege of contributing by both hosting the group and teaching lessons. From 2013-2015, Kristen completed a Masters in Public Health program at the University of California in Berkeley; she hopes to use the skills she learned to partner with communities and alleviate health disparities. Also, in 2014, Matthew graduated with his Ph.D. from Stanford University and started a postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California.
Matthew and Kristen had their first child, Simon Campbell, in September 2015! Simon's name means "He [God] has heard," and one reason they chose that name is that they want Simon to remember that God will always listen when Simon cries out to Him. They are enjoying watching Simon play, learn, and grow.